What is Sustainable Farming?

Sustainable farming means different things to different people; however they all share a common concern in preventing the degradation of natural resources. Sustainable agriculture is a philosophy: it is a system of farming. It empowers the farmer to work with natural processes to conserve resources such as soil and water, whilst minimizing waste and environmental impact. Farmers look for ways to use fewer resources (e.g. chemicals, fertilizers, fuels, manpower) to lessen the chance of damage being caused by waste residues or overworking the land. They also look for farming systems that will regenerate themselves after each harvest. Techniques such as composting, green manuring and recycling may be used to return nutrients to the soil after each crop.

Does INVO use Sustainable Farming Principles?

Invo’s coconut palms are a crop that requires few agricultural inputs. Most pest and disease control is via predation and other natural control systems. Coconut palms have been farmed sustainably for centuries in Thailand and are indigenous to South and Southeast Asia. Invo’s coconuts are wholly utilized and as well as extracting the fresh coconut water for our juices, the coconut meat is processed into oil, cream and various other foods. The hard coconut shell is turned into jewelry and other handicraft. Finally the coconut husk is used as a planting substrate, as liners for plant baskets and as cropping bags.